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Here’s how knowing the difference can be life-changing

Although they’re often mistaken as being one and the same thing, the difference between sight and vision is huge. You’re probably familiar with the famous Helen Keller quote, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision” and it’s clear from her writing that she was aware more than most of the definite distinction between the two.

Put simply, when we have sight, we’re able to see things as they are. When we have vision, we have the capacity to see things as they could be; things that don’t yet exist. That kind of vision takes faith.

God told Abraham that inside him was a nation. In the natural, Abraham and Sarah’s sight revealed only barrenness, but God was communicating HIS vision for their future; one filled with descendants outnumbering the stars in the sky.

Vision is what keeps an athlete pushing through the pain when he can ‘see’ the gold medal at the finish line. It’s the hope that causes a mother to push through the pain of labour knowing her newborn child is on the other side.

Eyes of Faith

God longs to see us believing His word and stepping out in faith to see His vision realised, filling our lives with significance and meaning. Hebrews 11:1 says that faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen’. How amazing that with God we can dream and learn to see with eyes of faith the vision He has placed in our hearts.

So often it looks so different from our current reality and what our natural sight would tell us, but if we choose to operate in faith and see what God sees, we really can watch the impossible become possible just like Abraham and Sarah. Not only did Abraham’s belief and vision change his life but it changed the future of the world.

Who knows what history-making impact you might have if you decided to see and believe God’s word over your life; if you chose to see His vision and run with it!

As we develop vision, we discover purpose. If we pursue that purpose with eyes of faith, investing our all into God and our obedience to His call, we start to see our God-dreams taking shape as doors open, favour comes and His promises are fulfilled.

I pray today that God would give you a fresh vision and a heart to pursue Him and His dream for you.

What a privilege to walk together as God’s children and watch as His plans and purposes for each one of us unfold!


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