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We live in a world full of distractions and fast-paced noise - constantly bombarded with messages from the media, society, and our culture about how we should think, act, and live our lives. Surprisingly, this bombardment can go largely unnoticed as we become conditioned to its presence, and yet, its effect on our lives can be profound. What’s more, as Christians, our temptation to conform to the world’s ways can be even more pervasive as we often forget that our true source of wisdom and guidance is found not in the temporal messages of the world, but rather in God, and God alone.

Left unchecked it can lead us down a dangerous path. As Kingdom entrepreneurs and leaders, the world’s ways can easily begin to shape our beliefs and behaviours in subtle and not-so-subtle ways and the struggle is real. We’ve all seen the leader who started out with great intentions and Godly wisdom, only to slowly become more focused on the success and recognition of this world than on God’s idea of what matters. We’ve all witnessed the sad sight of a Christian who, when given a few moments in the spotlight, has chosen to revel in the praises of man and get sucked into the dangerous lure of money or pride.

No condemnation here. We all face these temptations. The truth is, it’s so very easy to get side-tracked and allow the world’s ways to be the major influence on how we live.

The Signs Aren’t Always Obvious

It’s not always glaringly obvious at first, but when we take the time to really examine our hearts and minds, it becomes clear that there’s a need for change. If you’re feeling the subtle pull of this tug-of-war between God and the world, then it’s a good sign that maybe something needs to shift.

Some way’s that this can show up in our lives include; pushing ourselves too hard, finding ourselves diving down a rabbit hole of comparison and competition, and becoming frustrated when we don’t get the recognition or success that we feel we deserve. We may start to prioritise money, success, or recognition over other things that are more important, such as our relationship with God and others. We may become driven by the need to "succeed," or we can become overly focused on results and outcomes, instead of process. Whatever it looks like for each of us, what’s important to remember is that if we allow these worldly values to take precedence over God’s ways in our lives, then our true potential in the Kingdom will never be realised. Ultimately, we can be driven so far away from the intended path of operating out of rest that we end up leading not God’s Kingdom, but rather our own kingdom - ruled by fear and striving.

I talk a lot about operating out of rest as a key to becoming all that we were created to be. It sounds counterintuitive to our busy ‘doing’ culture because it is. But it’s an essential part of living as God’s best version of ourselves. You can read more about it HERE.

The Answer? Make a Shift!

How do we break free from the mental and spiritual captivity of this world's ways and re-learn God's ways in order to operate out of rest and live a true Kingdom life?

Here’s the thing: the Kingdom of God is an upside-down Kingdom. The Bible is clear - His ways are not our ways. Everything we’ve learned, everything we’ve been taught, and everything we think we know, is filtered through an earthly lens. And, in the world of business, leadership, and certainly entrepreneurship it’s often quite contrary to God’s methodology!

The answer requires a real paradigm shift. An un-learning of the world’s ways in order to re-learn God’s ways. It’s a shift that requires us to become humble enough to take our eyes off ourselves and the world and put them back on God as our source of wisdom and guidance. We must learn to lean into Him for direction and trust that He will provide all we need for us to lead with a Kingdom mentality. We need to be willing to take a step back to see clearly what God has been saying all along - that rest is the ultimate key to success.

A Kingdom-Aligned Life

To live a life aligned with God’s plans and purposes and His way of doing things - whether in life, business, or ministry, we need to be willing to put our trust in Him and embrace an entirely new way of thinking. We need to learn how to live not from a place of fear and striving, but instead from a place of rest and faith. It’s learning to put aside our fears of failure, let go of control, and trust in God’s timing. It’s leaning into His strength and presence, and it's believing that He has already provided and equipped us with all we need for the life we’ve been called to.

Is it easy? Absolutely not. But it is worth it. Why? Because when we’re able to adopt God’s ways and live a truly Kingdom-aligned life, that’s when our potential as Kingdom entrepreneurs and leaders will be fully realised in the most amazing ways.

Your Thoughts?

So, what do you think?

Are you feeling like you need to make a shift in your own life and business?

How have you personally seen God’s ways clash with the world’s ways?

If you’re in ministry, do you feel the constant pull of adopting the world’s ways of attraction marketing and program-driven success to be able to grow?

Are you ready to un-learn the world’s ways and re-learn God's ways so that you can live a true Kingdom life? 

I’d love to hear your thoughts - let's keep this conversation going. Please do share your own experiences!

As always, if you know someone who you think this post might encourage, please hit the share button and spread the love.

Until next time, enjoy living upside-down!

Vicky x


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